50 Cent Responds To Bankruptcy Claims, Says His Grandfather Is Among His Creditors


American rapper, 50 Cent, has continued to push his bankruptcy story further.

He has claimed that his grandfather, Curtis Jackson Snr. is one of those he owes.

The G-Unit star has given the bankruptcy judge a list of his many creditors and his granddad is one of them!

50 Cent, son and grandfather

According to his new legal documents, obtained by TMZ on July 16, Fiddy owes his grandpa $1,737.33. But when compared to his $26 million net-worth, it’s just a debtor’s iceberg.

50 also owes $137,880 to Bentley, $64,909 to American Express and 2 court judgments totaling more than $23 million; but the site reports that’s just boring debt.

The rapper has continued to confuse his fans and debtors since filing for bankruptcy for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday, July 13.

50 Cents flaunts stack of cash in Atlantic City

He hasn’t only showed off a stack of cash at a party in Miami three days ago but most recently, he made it rain at a West Hollywood strip club.

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