7 Comments About Your Ex Your Current GF Doesn’t Want To Hear


Exes of the world, don’t make these small (but extremely stupid) ex-related mistakes with your current girl:

1. Don’t Mistakenly Use Her Name

This one seems pretty self-explanatory, but apparently it’s not because it’s happened to me more times than I’d like to admit.

Sure, it may just be a slip of the tongue, but calling your girlfriend by your ex’s name is the equivalent to her hearing, “Oh sorry, I was just thinking about my ex and how much I miss her, and how I wish you were her.”

Also, it’s important to school your parents on your latest bae’s name because having your mother use the ex’s name is just as bad.

It means you haven’t talked about her enough for them to forget about your loser ex who is out of your life.

2. Stop Wearing Her Clothes

I don’t care if it’s your favorite shirt to workout in, throw it out, especially if we ask you to.

The longer you hold onto that shirt, the longer you hold onto the possibility that you and your ex will get back together.

It’s not worth the fight. And I’m sure your current fling would be more than happy to buy or lend you a new shirt to sweat in.

3. Don’t Lie About Keeping In Contact

Maybe you guys dated for a long time and weirdly had a normal breakup and stayed friends afterward. That’s totally cool; go maturity!

So sure, maybe you occasionally text or see each other for coffee. Just don’t lie about it.

If I happen to see you texting her or hanging out with her without telling me, all I think is you’re keeping it a secret for a reason. And telling me after the fact still makes it a lie.

4. Stop Talking About How She “Ruined You”

I get it; you’re damaged. We all are, and we’ve all been hurt by exes (that’s why he or she is an ex). But, that doesn’t mean you can’t move on from what happened and improve.

Maybe you should let your new partner be the one who fixes what the ex broke?

5. Stop Talking About How She “Changed Your Life”

She cured your fear of heights? She helped you figure out what your true passion in life was? She gave the best head ever?

Amazing. Why did you break up again? Maybe you shouldn’t have.

6. Don’t Keep In Contact With Her Parents

Unless they are part of your day-to-day, there’s no reason to keep in contact with your ex’s family.

I’m sure her mother was lovely and her grandfather told the best war stories, but you can do without them.

I understand breakups can be hard on everyone involved.

You have new parents and family members to get to know, and whether you like it or not, your ex’s family will have to start liking her new man.

7. Stop Comparing Her To Your New Girlfriend

Seriously? This one should go without saying, but some men are complete morons and think this is socially acceptable.

Never compare your current girl to your ex, especially if you’ve ever referred to said ex as “crazy,” “bitchy” or any other horrific adjective.

And dear God, if you compare weight, you deserve to get punched. (If you can’t tell, I’m still a little bitter.)

Listen, I’m just trying to save you from the silent treatment and another inevitable fight in your next relationship. These things may seem small, but they aren’t.


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