REVEALED!!! How Abacha Really Died – Abacha’s Personal Doctor

Professor Sadiq Suleiman, who was the personal physician to former Head of State, General Sani Abacha has revealed that no one could say for sure that Abacha was poisoned by some women with apple as no autopsy was done on his corpse…

Addressing newsmen recently, Professor Wali, while relieving detail of June 7, 1998, the day Abacha died, Professor Wali said:

”Abacha was generally healthy though he had some health issues. He was treated and responded very well. He didn’t have any heart-related diseases at that time.”

”around 6 am I had a phone call from his security officers, and they said, “please come, come to the villa, come urgently!” Before I even could get ready, they came and picked me. I had no idea what it all was about”.

”I arrived then I saw chief security there and he said “doctor come in, please, come in!” We all rushed and I just saw the president. There was another doctor who came earlier, resuscitating him.

“Abacha was in the sitting room. He was on the couch. He was in his normal work clothes. I didn’t panic. I’ve seen a lot of serious problems before in my practice, but to affect him was very tough, definitely.

“I joined and we did as much as we could to resuscitate him. But I realised that he was dead because he was firming. We just continued resuscitation and even injected some things, but it didn’t work”.
”I said, sorry – there’s nothing we can do. Immediately the security officer took over, and he invited all the service chiefs to come to Abuja. Most of them were based in Lagos”.

Professor Wali said he had tried to carry out an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death, but his family declined and buried him immediately according to Islam law:

”I still tried to take some samples of blood and urine and hair and things like that, just thinking for the future chemical tests.”

”It’s very difficult to say [whether he died of natural causes]. The blood test we did, has shown some raised cardiac enzymes [proteins that are released into the blood by dying heart muscles]. That’s why we thought maybe it was cardiac attack”


  1. who cares! whether he died of cardiac attack, or he died of apple o, mango or pawpaw, who cares. he’s long forgotten. beside y bring up dis matter afta so long a time. professor wali or what do u call urself, pls excuse us n look for a better article to write on n stop drawing d hands of d clock backward

  2. Who cares, that man was an evil incarnate in military uniform. He killed those he profess to protect. He was a bastard who brought our country to the position that it is today.It is time to mention his name no more even his family should go and hide somewhere obscure.

  3. Sani Abacha’s family or children should not be given any public attention any longer considering his evil activities when he was the head of state of Nigeria. Remember that each time we give them any limelight we would be provoking the family of those he killed directly or indirectly including his outrageous embezzelment. This also should be a lesson to those who feel that they can do anything while at the position of authorities and go free,even steal public money for their family member,especially their children; what about other people’s children who is looking out for them?

    • For me, He was a good leader. thou he killed people, but still, he did his best and it was for the good of the Nation. because Nigerians need hard hands. And its only a Leader like him that can handle this people. I pray for his soul to rest in perfect peace in God name Amen.

  4. To me, I strongly believe that his death was the hand of God. For Nigeria to be liberated. Well, we are still on our way to the promise land

  5. Am really surprised at Patrick and Sam G,,,,,how can u say that concerning that cold blooded and hearted demon? Well as for me, may he not find rest where ever he is now, devils’ incarnate.

  6. I don’t plame u ppl @ all had it been one or two of ur family was amoung those who Abacha have sent to early grave u would ve known d gravity of his bad heart. To me, may he die anoda miserable death where ever he is today without no option

  7. What ever been the course of his death, all what remain to us is to pray for him. May his soul rest in perfect peace ameen.

  8. Why bring this article, we are in a difficult situation where no northerner is safe from the abuse hatred of the east. We never realize how we are doomed to consider many as good and move together until God design a northerner be the president when the same northerners refused voting him for Southerners 3 times. You are wrong bringing this issue now bcoz as far you are from the north, then open your ears for more abuses. The northerners will continue to be stupid by selling land, doing businesses and appraising those easterners who will continue to kill you secretly especially those northern goats and cows. Please better stop posting anything about the north now. The hatred for who voted and did not vote Buhari is magnanimous.

  9. the story is empty, the timing is wrong, the motive is unknown as the story is not educative, informative or entertaining


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