Adaeze Yobo Prays Husband Beats Her For These Reasons

We all have some habits we pray we get over soon as it causes us some embarrassment anytime we are caught in the act. Adaeze Yobo is no exemption and prays she gets over hers soon.


Adaeze Yobo, the ex-beauty queen and wife of the Super Eagles’s former captain, is anxious to do away with a habit and she cannot do it alone. She is now soliciting her husband’s help so she can abandon the habit.

As much as she is trying she seems not to be making headway with it. Instead she is sinking deeper into the habit especially when alone.

She has even gone to the extent of telling her husband to insult her any time she indulges in it.

Adaeze is in the habit of eating excessively and this is making her add weight which she does not want.

The mother of two who recently had her second child shared a write-up stating she needs to hire someone to keep an eye on her and knock unhealthy food out of her mouth.

Instead of shedding weight gained as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, Adaeze is helping herself to add more.

Adaeze said she would prefer to be slapped as she also likes having a taste of her baby milk which has had an effect on her size.

Read her post below:


Adaeze Yobo was a former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (2008) and she is married to the footballer, Joseph Yobo, the captain of the Nigeria national team until his international football retirement in June 2014.

The couple who got married in 2010 welcomed their second child a few months ago.

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