Adaeze Yobo – “I Want My Husband To Give Me A Hot Slap”


Adaeze Yobo, wife to former Super Eagles captain, has revealed that she wants her hubby, Joseph Yobo to always give her hot slap and abuse her in order not to add more weight.

Ada wrote  “I need to hire someone who will follow me around and just knock the unhealthy food out of my mouth. Or just slap it out my mouth, I tell my husband to keep calling me fat and keep insulting me which works till 12 midnight when I start licking Jayden’s baby milk and snacking on frosties while watching Wendy spill the tea. I need a hot slap at that moment, the type of slap that would make me say “hi never hesperedit” in hot tears.”

Do you think it’s a right thing for her to say?!?

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