Nigerians In South Africa To Get ID Card


Nigeria’s Consul General in South Africa, Amb. Uche Ajulu-Okeke is in the process of discussing with the South African government to start recognizing a Nigerian identity card.

Ajulu-Okeke said this in Johannesburg at the inauguration of the identity card by the Nigeria Union in South Africa.

“The Consulate is in the process of discussing with the government of South Africa to accord it recognition so that we reduce the incidents of loss of Nigerian passports,” she said, noting that the Consulate approved the identity card to identify Nigerian citizens in South Africa.

“All the information contained in the passport are in the identity card,“ she said.

According to Okeke, she would meet officials of the South African government in early August to discuss the recognition of the identity card. She added that the identity card will give Nigerians dignity and respect when they meet other nationals. However, she warned Nigerians not to abuse the identity card by engaging in illegal acts with it.



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