APC Crisis: Group Backs Bisi Akande Over Comments

Bisi_Akande1The Action Group of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has stood up in strong defense of a former interim national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Bisi Akande, saying his recent utterances on the crisis rocking the party at the national assembly were those of a sincere leader.

In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Segun Dipe, the group said the ramrod qualities of Mr. Akande qualify him to see when things are skewed towards failure and was right to have called the people involved to order.

“Here is the man who steered the ship of our party through the turbulent waters from conception to birth. He did so with sincerity of purpose and great sacrifice that even President Muhammadu Buhari, a man of few words, not given to praise-singing, confessed that he respected Akande’s patriotism while acknowledging how he led the interim party ‘with dexterity and integrity’. Party Chairman Odigie Oyegun also admitted that he saw in Chief Akande trustworthiness and sincerity. Is it such a person that would now wish the smooth-sailing ship of the party should capsize?”

The APC-AG recalled how the former interim chairman had journeyed with Bola Tinubu through thick and thin from the dark and lonely days of the Alliance for Democracy, AD, to the Action Congress, AC, and then ACN before arriving at the APC, saying such a person knows what true loyalty and discipline are and should be taken serious when preaching them.

Mr. Akande had come under fire for his recent utterances in which he cautioned some party members, who he accused of trading the party’s birthright and dining with the enemy with a bid to get choice positions.

He specifically blamed some northern elites and members of the New PDP block in the APC of supporting the indiscipline and disloyalty presently playing out in the party.

However, most influential politicians from the North in the party have argued that Akande’s comments were capable of setting the North and South West on a collision path.

But the APC Action Group insisted that he was on point and had only reiterated what was already in the public domain.

“Perhaps it is making more meaning to them now that it is coming from a person of Chief Akande’s flawless character”, the group said. “When some reckless youths engage in reckless and mindless cutting of a mighty tree, it takes a discerning elder like Chief Akande to see where it would eventually fall and warn of its dire consequences. That exactly is what he is doing and his voice should rather be heeded than criticized”.

“Here is a man whose conscience no money can buy. A man of merit whose records are untainted. Isn’t it better and a privilege to have such a person speak out at this early stage of the crisis rather than allowing it to fester and then cash in on it the way some leaders are waiting to do?

“Our position in APC Action Group is that all sensible party faithful should heed Baba Akande’s call at this point and queue behind him”, Mr. Dipe concluded.


  1. I don’t regard Pa Akande as genuine leader of the Yoruba because of his blind support for Tinubu. Anyone who is unable to see the long term danger in Tinubu’s style of politics to the South West should not be seen as a true Yoruba leader. I maintain that what is happening in APC isn’t a plot against the south west but against a group of the political class in the region.


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