Chelsea vs Arsenal: A Clash Of Two Age-Long London Rivals


This Sunday marks the kickoff of the new EPL season with a crunch Community Shield fixture between Chelsea and Arsenal. These two EPL giants are both from London; west and north London respectively.

The rivalry between these two teams is not of violence but of passion and respect. The rivalry is so strong that it transcends the pitch. The managers are right in the thick of it. The two managers, Mourinho and Wenger have at one point or the other attacked each other frontally; the most talked about is Mourinho calling Wenger a loser.

One fact that remains between the two managers going into this clash is that Wenger has never defeated Mourinho in as many matches; all he has managed to do is get a draw. As much as this is something to be proud of for Chelsea, it is equally something that puts them under immense pressure given that they would want to keep the fairytale going. The last place Chelsea manager would want that record broken is in a fixture that involves a trophy. Well, whatever happens at the end of 90 minutes or penalties, INFORMATION NIGERIA will be sure to bring you all the details.

Away from the rivalry, how will the two team’s activities in this summer’s transfer market affect their performance? The two teams have actually been very quiet in the transfer market. However, with Arsenal signing Chelsea legend, Petr Cech, they seem to have an advantage over their west London rival who have only acquired a questionable big name all summer in Radamel Falcao who failed to impressive on his stint on loan at Man Utd last season. Falcao who averaged a two goals a game ratio during his stay at Atletico Madrid was only able muster one goal in as many games for Man Utd.

Falcao is still yet to prove himself a worthy signing for Chelsea as can be seen in a string of unimpressive showing in Chelsea’s pre-season fixtures. Cech on the other hand has impressed for his new side in the pre-season matches he featured in as he has already pulled off some amazing, highlight worthy saves.

Which of these two big name signings for these two great London sides can make the difference on Sunday?


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