Corps Members To Choose States Of Choice For Service – NYSC

NYSCThe National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has introduced a self-deployment scheme where prospective corps members can determine where they wish to serve.

The move, according to the NYSC, is expected to curb fraud, which it said is often associated with the prevailing system associated with prospective corps members’ deployment.

The new arrangement is part of resolutions taken at the NYSC 2015 Batch ‘B’ pre-mobilisation workshop held in Kaduna.

In a communiqué released at the end of the workshop on Thursday, the NYSC said “in a bid to tackle the deluge of concessional requests with which the NYSC is being inundated, prospective corps members will henceforth be given the opportunity to choose states of their choice outside their socio-cultural and linguistic areas, using ICT solution.

“Given the negative implications of assigning invalid or wrong JAMB numbers to prospective corps members during the mobilisation process, corps producing institutions have been advised to always take advantage of the window of opportunity created by JAMB and regularise the admission of their graduates and advise the affected graduates to activate such numbers before presenting them for mobilisation.

“For us to bring administration nearer to everybody, complaints and issues arising from the online registration from prospective corps members and corps producing institutions will henceforth be lodged with the Deployment and Relocation officers at the NYSC state secretariats for onward transmission to the ICT department for necessary action.

“It was further resolved that pregnant women, nursing mothers and students engaged in postgraduate studies should not bother to enlist for service until they are free to participate effectively”.


  1. This is a very wrong decision as it counters the general concept of NYSC being a para military organisation where posting is done by the headquarters without interference from Officers and men of the Military. The consensus given to pregnant and nursing mothers to wait till they are ready and married corps members to redeploy to where their spouses are located are enough. Asking members to choose will end up with the result that more corps members will choose a State while some States will see few or none choosing such States. What’ll happen to Sokoto, Zamfara and Adamawa States? This is a very wrong decision

  2. In reference to the comment made by Reuben Eboh, I want to say that, The decidion made by the committee concerning the self-deployment/choosing a state to serve is a good, atleast corps killing will reduce, if there are states in the North that didn’t have corps, they that make them to be serious with education, so that they by themselves can/or will produce corps who will serve them – “The Northerners” so it’s a good choice and decision

  3. A welcome development indeed. The over selected states will receive random deployment to lesser states. This is number 1 idea regarding ‘Human Right’ Thanks Brig. Olawumi for the new concept, expecting increase in Allowance and micro fund to establish self business thereafter. Thank You NYSC Officers!

  4. It is a welcome development, to me, it is the best. This is will to reduce the risk involved. So many things are happening. So much happy about this info

  5. i think this development is the best so far of which corps should choose where to serve. @ Reuben those states you are taking about if know body decide to serve there i think you should choose one of those state you mention and serve there. @ mizz tess this development is the best if you are not happy about the new changes you can choose one of those state Reuben is taking about. thanks Brig. Olawumi for making this decision.

  6. welcome development, the idea is a very good one, at list corp member should have say in their deployment cos they also stakeholders in the nysc scheme.

  7. To me its a very good idea. It will reduce corruption. In d sense that people will stop spending money to work their service. And also u will be in a place where ur heart desires. NO body wants to go to a place where u will be in the middle of crisis.

  8. To me, any State that is not friendly does not need corpers. If anyone insists to go and serve where the environment is not friendly, let him/her go. GOOD DECISION!

  9. Let no one be too greedy! Some States already have their Boko Haram serving there. So I do not think it will be fair if these same States are still competing with others for corpers. EXCELLENT DECISION!

  10. the idea is Good, but the way i preview it, is that all corps members will focus at Lagos, P.H , and river state. can any body predict such place population? an what do u think with affect others state economic development ? when there is no more graduate in there environment

  11. the idea is Good, but the way i preview it, is that all corps members will focus at Lagos, P.H , and river state. can any body predict such place population? an what do u think will affect others state economic development ? when there is no more graduate in there environments but if is possible NYSC can scrap boko haram states , an used the rest states in the country’s

  12. To me, everyone has his own personal interpretation about whatever serves as a subject of interpretation. As such, to some people this may be a welcoming idea while to others it may not.

  13. Is a welcome development, but the fact is their will be a maximum numbers of corps member in a particular state, and if the state is filled up you will definitely choose any other state that are available..


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