Drunk Squirrel Trashes British Bar


When the secretary of a members-only bar in Britain opened up one day to find the premises trashed, he wasn’t expecting the culprit to be a squirrel, let alone a drunk one. Sam Boulter, 62, the secretary of the Honeybourne Railway Club near Evesham in Worcestershire, told the BBC he found the bar covered in beer and smashed glasses and beer bottles when he opened up Sunday evening.

 UPI reports that after making the discovery, he said he saw a squirrel “staggering around,” coming out from behind a box of potato chips. “There were bottles scattered around, money scattered around, and he had obviously run across the bar’s pumps and managed to turn on the Caffrey’s tap,” Boulter said. “He must have flung himself on the handle and drank some, as he was staggering around all over the place and moving a bit slowly.

“I’ve never seen a drunk squirrel before. He was sozzled and looked a bit worse for wear, shall we say,” he added. Boulter told the Daily Mail he and two customers spent about an hour chasing around the squirrel, trying to get him out of the bar. He eventually caught the rodent in a trash can and let him go out a window. He said the squirrel’s antics cost the bar about $470 in damage. “He is the rowdiest customer we have ever had but I hope he enjoyed his lock-in,” Boulter said.