Ex-Gov. Lamido’s Arrest Connected To 2019 – Former Aide

Sule LamidoA former Special Adviser on Youth and Student Affairs to ex-Governor Sule Lamido, Comrade Danjani Umar, has described his former boss’ travails in the hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as political witch-hunt.

Umar, who made this known in a telephone interview with Daily Trust while awaiting the arrival of the former governor at the premises of the Federal High Court in Kano, earlier today, said Lamido will be vindicated at the end of the day.

“You see we know what is happening is just meant to tarnish the image of our boss. The whole world agrees that Lamido has performed excellently well in his eight years as governor in Jigawa.

“They are talking about N1.8 billion found in an account traceable to him and I found it laughable. Here is someone who executed projects, that is the envy of more economically viable states like Lagos and Rivers but nobody is asking where he got the money to do such huge projects.

“There are governors who got more allocation than Jigawa and did nothing with it and they are walking free. We the supporters of Lamido cannot be fooled”, he said.

The former aide said as politicians, they are aware that calculations for 2019 elections have begun and those who feel that the ex-governor, who is considered “the last standing political general in the PDP in the North is an obstacle, are at work”.

Umar added that his former boss will however, emerge triumphant at the end of the case.


  1. How much were you paid Danjani Umar? So you were one of those hoodlums that tried to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere during the court proceedings involving your paymaster Sule Lamido & Sons ko? Nigeria Police take note! Political witch hunt? You failed to name the witch that is doing the hunting. If I may ask, who is Lamido to attract witch hunting? If you make claims & wild allegations you cannot substantiate or back up with proofs, you only end up making a fool & mockery of yourself. Little wonder Lamido was a poor administrator by surrounding himself with naive people like you. There’s no where was 2019 mentioned in all the count charges against him only in your warped imagination. We only demanded for our stolen money and should be refunded, 2019 or no 2019 period. As for your claim that nobody asked him where he got the money he used in executing projects in the state, maybe he used his father’s money, I don’t care. Let me remind you that the other governors that you listed will soon have their own time with the EFCC. If he is innocent of the charges may Allah vindicate him but if he is guilty may Allah destroy him & his likes who by their acts of malfeasance & thievery has caused untold hardships to hundreds of millions of people in this country.

  2. Danjani, if you don’t know him Mr. so call Volcano, is the son of a prominent politician in for Kano State. Sule Lamido has to be hailed for bringing Danjani close to him in order to groom him & others like him who are now old timers in Nigerian politics, so that he will take over from them when they retire from politics. Mr. Volcano, what ever you said about Sule Lamido, it’s not something new. No prophet has ever been accepted in his home. But I’m really happy & full of praises to EFCC for arresting Sule on only 1bilion charges. This is not what his political adversaries espected. They expected that he would be found with charges of N100 billions like his other colleagues & showing nothing for it in their states, in terms of providing diveden of Democracy to their people. We remained ever great full to Sule Lamido for raising the statue of PDP in Nigeria. Whoever visited Jigawa State 16 years would know what Sule Lamido did. He inherited empty state with nothing & within only 8 years he transformed the whole state from rural to urban State. Danjani please put your mine at rest & blame no one but PDP for causing all these havoc. PDP started witch hunting Sule, simply because he nursed the ambition of becoming the President of this country. Now we are paying dearly for their foolishness. He is the most appropriate candidate Jonathan should have chosen to replace him. We are lucky to have Buhari as our president in Nigeria. so please all our members who defected to APC, heed Buhari’s advice & return to PDP. I trust Buhari will not allow any patriotic Nigerian to be witch hunted. If Buhari could be sponsored by the masses of this country to become the president of Nigeria, no sane or patriotic Nigeria would wish Sule Lamido to be witch hunted. we the masses loves Sule Lamido. Nigerian should reward hard work & patriotism. the way Sule Lamido ran his Government for 8 years in Jigawa State showed how hardworking & patriotic he is, therefore deserved to be reward.


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