Ex-Minister Abba Moro Blames APC For Rising Assassination Of PDP Chieftains In Benue

Abba-MoroThe immediate past Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, has condemned the recent killings of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members in Benue State and advised the Federal Government to bring the culprits to book.
The former minister was reacting to the recent assassination of a high profile member of the PDP, Chief Atoza Hindan in Katsina-Ala.
Mr. Moro said that in Benue State, there has been an increasing level of killings of high profile PDP Politicians, which he believed to be politically motivated.
“Elder Atoza Hindan was assassinated on a motor cycle (and we believe it is) politically motivated.
“Some highly profile PDP members were killed. This was motivated by the recent case in court.
“This is unacceptable, and everything should be done to bring perpetrators to justice”, the ex-minister said.
According to Moro, before now, the killings that were normally recorded in Benue were between farmers and herders but now the story has changed.
“We blame this (killings) on the APC”, he said. “We can only conclude that it was politically motivated because of the circumstances that surrounded it”.


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