Freeze’s Estranged Wife, Opeyemi Fires Back: “He’s Desperate For Attention”


The estranged wife of Cool FM OAP, Ifedayo Olarinde aka Freeze, who has kept quiet for a long time has finally come out to slam allegations of assault and adultery levied against her by the father of her two children.

Freeze had gone public with tales of how Opeyemi physically abused him more than once while their marriage lasted and further accused her of adultery.

In a counter statement, Opeyemi said Freeze is just out to tarnish her image, noting that she had never been violent neither was she an adulteress.

The statement said, “I have received calls and inquiries from friends and family who have drawn my attention to the recent posts emanating from the social media from my estranged and soon-to-be ex-husband, Ifedayo Olarinde.  

“Before now, he has tried ceaselessly and without any restraint to upset and assassinate my character but I have decided to keep my calm because it is not in my character to sensationalize issues. I would like to state here categorically that I AM NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN A VIOLENT ADULTERESS!

“I understand that he is desperately seeking attention and publicity to generate a livelihood, but it is unnecessary to peddle lies and traumatize both the children and I in the process. I wish him well and will still make time to pray for him despite the fact that he is keen on destroying us to make space for his new family. Thank you. Ope”

However, Freeze also went ahead to release photos of him with cuts and bruised face, claiming the injuries were inflicted on him by Opeyemi.


  1. Dis guy freeze is unmanly. When were those photos taken? Ow re we sure those pictures were not photo-shopped. He married her for 15years and neva for once complained or showed those photos. He just wants to remain relevant.


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