Why Did I Get Married? 4 Genuine Reasons To Celebrate Your Anniversary


Marriage takes work.

If you’re married, you know it and I know it. So every 365 days, that work is worthy of a great reward, a celebration. The day you pledged to spend your life together is an occasion worthy of acknowledgement, renewal, and something festive!

Don’t let that date go by without acknowledging its significance. Do something, anything, that has meaning to you and your spouse. Your wedding anniversary is the date that you and your mate choose to dedicate your lives to one another.

1. The value and significance of your anniversary grows deeper with time.

So, each year, whether you plan early or come up with something the day before, do something.

Yes, marriage has its challenges, but below are four reasons you should make celebrating it a big deal!

2. Your celebration acknowledges you have grown through another 365 days together.

You did not give up or quit, you made the choice to grow together.

3. Your celebration is a time to recount the good, challenging, and downright ugly things you have faced over the last year.

Everything you faced together came with a lesson. You learned the lesson.

4. Your celebration is a time to reevaluate and recommit.

We never want to take one another for granted. This is a time to reevaluate then recommit. Ask your mate how pleased they were with your relationship over the past year.

Ask them to rate the relationship 1-10 but don’t get upset if the answer is less than you expected. Allow them to respond honestly then ask, “How can I help to make that number a 10?”

Have your mate ask you this same series of questions. Then you should each commit to doing what it takes to reach that 10.

Your celebration allows for a time of refreshing.

Everyone needs to be refreshed. With all you face every day, a time of refreshing is needed. Do what works for you – a quiet evening together, a weekend staycation, a week long cruise. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Do what fits your budget.

In a world that is filled with so much hatred it is a breath of fresh air to witness true love. Let folks know you are celebrating your anniversary. Your celebration will also refresh those around you. As they offer their congratulations, take note of the smile that comes across their face and enjoy the next 365 days.

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