IK Ogbonna Opens Up On Why He named His Son ‘Ace’


New Nollywood actor and daddy, IK Ogbonna has revealed reasons behind him naming his son, Ace.

IK wrote on Instagram: –

“I got a few emails asking me why I chose Ace for my sons name , While going through names I saw a name with all these and I said to my self instantly … His name is Ace : A person who excels at a particular sport or other activity. synonyms: expert, master, genius, virtuoso, maestro, professional, adept, master, doyen, champion, star, winner….. excellent, very good, first-rate, first-class, marvellous, wonderful, magnificent, outstanding, superlative, formidable, virtuoso, masterly, expert, champion, fine, consummate, skilful, adept. All I can try to be is a good guide to him and I am sure that won’t be a problem with God by my side and the best mother in the world for my kids @sonialareinaa . Amen”

IK has tied the knot with his baby mama, Sonia Morales.




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