I’m Destined To Be A Robber – Teenage Robbery Suspect


For two teenagers, Sani Harry and Muhammed Yahaya, who were nabbed by the Kwara State Command of the Nigerian Police Force for allegedly robbing people with a cutlass, becoming robbers was something they had no power to resist. The suspects, who claimed to be herdsmen and farmers, however, were remorseful enough to warn other youths like themselves to steer clear of robbery and other crimes. Seventeen-year-old Harry said he was destined to be a robber as according to him, he could not resist the temptation. Punch reports:

He said, “It is destiny that made me to start robbing people. The temptation just came in a strong way. I just did it without knowing why I did it. I have never killed anybody. We normally rob with cutlasses and sticks. I regret my action now. I will not do it again.” Yahaya on the other hand, expressed remorse for robbing people. He added that he would never get involved in robbery if he was pardoned and released.

Also paraded by the police was a robbery suspect, simply identified as Ibira, 25. Like Harry and Yahaya, he said he did not know what pushed him into the crime. “I am a farmer and cattle rearer. I do not know why I decided to pertake in robbery. But believe me, I will never do it again.” The Commissioner of Police, Kwara State Command, Mr. Salihu Garba, said the arrests of the suspects were in fulfilment of the command’s promise to the people of the state to reduce or possibly eradicate violent crimes in the state.

Garba, who spoke through the command’s Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ajayi Okesanmi, said Harry and Yahaya were arrested with a cutlass and face masks. “One Hadiza Abubakar ‘F’ of Sabo Gada Village via Bode Saaadu reported that on Monday, June 29, 2015 at about noon, she was waylaid and robbed by a gang of armed bandits. Investigation into the case led to the arrest of Harry and Yahaya,” Garba said.

He said the suspects would be arraigned soon since they had confessed to the crime. Also paraded by the police were some former prison inmates, who were nabbed after carrying out robbery they planned while in incarceration. The police commissioner said the house of one Rhoda Adekeye ‘F’ at Tanke area of Ilorin, Kwara State was invaded by five armed men.



  1. nawaooo.so u mean that if they pardon u 4 this present crime that u will never steal again. hmm wel is nt actually ur fault bt i put the blame on ur parents cous they plan nt b4 gavn birth to u. u re just 17, naturally are supposed to be under d control of ur parents. d main cous of crimes in our society by our youths is nt actually their habit or they born to bcome thieves .but the parents nd the govnt. if u look wel may b that boy is an orphan. my advice young parents is that they should plan thier life wel b4 givn birth to children. n the should try to remain to determine gud in their liv ,they should try to work the best out of hard situations. and the govnt should try creat skills, jobs 4 youths.


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