Lamido Apologizes To Sons Over Detention


Former Jigawa State governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido is begging his two sons, Aminu and Mustapha, for forgiveness over their prison experience. He claimed total responsibility for their ordeal in the hands of the law.

Speaking with Voice of America Hausa service in an interview, shortly after his return from Abuja, Lamido described his arrest as the beginning of restoration of confidence in political leadership in Nigeria.

He recalled that he had been incarcerated in the past for holding opposing political views. He declared that he would never be discouraged in politics.

“In the process to improve democracy, there would be some mistakes. I am not a perfect human being; I have my own shortcomings. And in my own case, I’m outspoken, which perhaps explained why people found me too offensive and irritating,” Lamido said.

The former Foreign Affairs Minister explained that his pains weren’t his detention, but his sons who were innocent but had to suffer simply because their father served as a governor.

Lamido admitted he caused their detention and as such they should forgive him and be patient with the situation they found themselves.


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