Meet Weesay, The Blind Homeless Musician Who Plays An Oil Can Guitar For A Living


Wesseh Freeman, a.k.a Weesay is a blind and homeless street performer from Liberia who plays a unique guitar made from an old paint can, a stick and some old strings.

According to Oddity Central, Weesay shot to internet fame last year, when brothers Nikhil and Sachin Ramchandani, the owners of O! Chips, a potato chips company in Liberia, asked him to come up with a jingle for their brand and posted the video on YouTube. It quickly went viral and the world learned about Weeseh and his mad guitar playing skills.

The 37-year-old man fashioned his unique guitar as a desperate way to make a living. He has been completely blind since 1998 and has been supporting himself by playing guitar on the streets, relying on the generosity of passers-by. He earns around $4 a day, barely enough to buy some food. A US company contacted the Ramchandani brothers after their clip went viral, and offered Weesay an Ovation-style guitar to play on from now on. He still plays his own DIY instruments though.