Muslims Being ‘Erased’ From Central African Republic – Amnesty International


Militias have taken advantage of the political vacuum in Central African Republic (CAR), engaging in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in a bid to erase the community from the country, human rights group Amnesty International has said. Aljazeera reports:

Discussing Friday’s report, entitled “Erased identity: Muslims in ethnically cleansed areas of the Central African Republic,” Joanne Mariner, a senior crisis response adviser at the UK-based organisation, told Al Jazeera that Muslims in the western half of the country were being repressed and forced to abandon their religion.

More than 30,000 Muslims are living in seven enclaves, guarded by UN troops, across the country, but for those living outside, especially in rural areas, they are being targeted with impunity, the report found.

“They not allowed to express themselves as Muslims; if they are outside the enclaves, they cannot pray, dress in any way that identifies them as Muslim,” Mariner said. “Their survival depends on a daily routine of negotiation with anti-Balaka fighters.” Mariner said that many had been forced convert to Christianity or face persecution from the community


  1. Quite interesting that Amnesty International and Al-Jazeera complain about what they call ethnic cleansing in CAR. I wonder why Amnesty Int’l has gone blind to what’s happening to Christians and churches in Northern Nigeria where worshippers are being bombed while praying and worshipping God. Pastors are targeted and beheaded with their families. More than 2000 churches have been razed to the ground and still Amnesty Int’l has seen nothing wrong. Egyptians have told me and the Nubian pls too that their grand parents were forced to renounced Christianity or made to pay heavy tributes by Islamists if they wanted to remain as Christians. Those who had no money to pay were either forced to become Muslims and those who refused were beheaded by theIslamist when the came to Egypt and Syria. That’s how these nations and others turned from Christian ity to become Islamic enclaves. So its a case of what you sow coming back to you and no body should complain.