Niger Gov’s Wife To Render Services As Consultant Gynecologist In State General Hospital

Amina BelloDr. Amina Bello, wife of the Niger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, Thursday said she would render her services as a medical practitioner at the State General Hospital, Minna.

Mrs. Bello, who visited the female and pediatric wards at the General Hospital, Minna, said as a consultant gynecologist, she would want to contribute to the treatment of women in the hospital.

She said, “My visit is to see how I can contribute to the society. That is what I do. I see pregnant women, I see women with problems, I operate on women on caesarian section; that is what I intend to do as my own contribution. The hospital should expect better services.

“I would like to contribute my own quota, visit some of these women, spend time with them, helping with their surgeries and deliveries.

“I also need to see how the premises, where I will render my services, looks like. And I am very happy because the environment is so clean despite the old structures”.

The governor’s wife, however, decried the inadequate bed space in the hospital.

“It is too small. In a place where you have 600 deliveries, you have only 20 beds? It is not encouraging”, she added.

The Permanent Secretary of the Hospital Management Board, Dr. Makusidi Muhammad, commended the governor’s wife for her input and readiness to contribute her own quota.

He also disclosed that the rate of infant and maternal mortality in Niger State has reduced.


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