Nigeria Is Better Off With Igbos – Gowon

Late Mrs Chinyere Asika
Late Mrs Chinyere Asika

Former military Head of State Gen Yakubu Gowon, who led Nigeria through three years of civil war, says “Nigeria is better off with Igbos.”

Gowon said this delivering an oration at the burial service for Chief (Mrs.) Chinyere Asika, wife of the former Sole Administrator of East Central State.

He spoke in deep appreciation of the commitment and sacrifice of the deceased and her husband, Ajie Ukpabi Asika, to the survival of Nigeria as one entity. The former Head of State recalled that when he proposed the post of Sole Administrator of East Central State, Asika told me, “I prefer to do this for the good of Igbo people.”

“I was struggling to get an administrator for the newly created East Central State when the name of the late Ukpabi Asika came up. He was then a lecturer at Ibadan. When we met, I did not know which one of us was younger. But he exuded strength of character and understanding, and wanted to start work immediately. I cautioned him to think about it. I told him, `you must consult your brothers, and your wife to know if you would accept’. I came away convinced that this was the man I needed.

“I did not know how to place his wife, Chinyere, but when she arrived from Kenya, she plunged head-on into the idea. She was a courageous woman, caring and humble. I remember her efforts in “Otu Olu Obodo”- a public service initiative which she used as a tool of empowerment for her Igbo kinsmen and women,” Gowon said.

Also eulogizing the departed soul, Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, described her as a woman who exemplified the virtue of patience, charity and humility.

He told the children and the Asika family to imbibe the virtues of patience, charity and humility from Mrs Asika, while urging the congregation and Ndi Anambra to remember “her good deeds and pray for the repose of her soul.”

The service which took place at the All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Onitsha, Anambra State, was attended by many prominent Nigerians.


  1. No amount of fence-mending moves can Gowon use to heal the wound of Nigeria-Biafran war.Igbos will never forgive Gowon,T.Y.Danjuma,Awolowo,Fashola and the rest forever.I wish all of them to die like Awo.Gowon should stop toying with the Igbos in the name of fake christianity he is practising.

  2. @Jude Who cares if they forgive or not? Biafra has always and will always be a dream which can never become true. If u baby factory products r tired of living in Nigeria, ur free to migrate to Cameroon or Benin, u nasty tribe, but our borders remain sacrosanct. Fools. Ibo my aas.

  3. Aminu you are the most idiotic lunatic fool i have ever seen, why is it that at any mention of biafra you northerners will start lamenting, ranting, grumbling, rumbling and fumbling, must you and i remain brothers?, you know very well the hausa’s never for one day like igbos likewise igbos never for one day like you guys and that also apply to yoruba side of aspect. You don’t like and i don’t like so the best option is for us to go our different ways and stop mumbling.

  4. What do you expect from the parasites who feed on their host, they rant and cry for one Nigeria because they don’t have means of living than to feed on others who have the brain to work and invate.

  5. The alhaji takalami called aminu is pathologically daft and ll ever remain maigad who drinks pito. Wht do u xpect frm bokoman. The wages of civil war is boko haram.

  6. I believe no tribe or religion can split Nigeria.If it has been written by God that Nigeria will not split,I do not think any past issue or sentiment can divide the Nigeria.

  7. we should learn to live together and build a great nation.With gowon,s confession it may become neccessary to apologize to igbos for what happened in the past to hasten the path of reconciliation.They also need to be integrated and not marginalized and degraded

  8. what was happened in the past to igbos’i like to happening again to them but because of one nice man i dont want that to repeated itself à gain?


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