Osun Public Servants, Retirees Storm Winners Chapel For Food Today (PHOTOS)


The popular pentecostal church played host to a number of public servants and retirees who were in dire need of food items. Other religious bodies have also intervened in the recent past to ease the burden of ‘no salary’.

See more photos below.

Source: Twitter


  1. God will reward winners chapel for this their humanitarian gesture to feed people of osun state workers who are undergoing a purported starvation on the name of dwindling allocation.

  2. God will bless winners chapel for there good will Amen. It is only the people of Nigeria, that can deliver there self from this group of visonless leaders who have been ruling the country since 1960.I not calling for a bloody revolution like Libya and Syria ,but it time to set aside our tribal and cultural differences between us and shake off the yoke upon our neck. There is unemployment among the younger generation, lack of constant light to power our industry, high rate of crime. The leaders ,who are calling there self leaders the pain in the ass looting & stealing trillions of dollars meant for devopment projects transformation of our most beloved nation. No money for public workers, no functional health care system, countries like Japan, Singapore,Demark Holland who do’t have oil are more better than us Nigerian’s stand up for your rights!!!


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