OUCH!!! Medical Students Mistakes Baby’s Private Part For Umbilical Cord, Chops It Off

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A baby in Mexico, was rushed to a pediatric hospital after medical students cut off his private parts, thinking they are cutting his umbilical cord, according to a complaint filed by the parents.

Scoop reports that the father of the boy, Diego Rangel Izaguirre, said that doctors tried to cover up the injury by keeping him away from the newborn for hours. Hospital staff in Saltillo, told the father that the child had a minor accident, but soon he discovered the truth. Fortunately, the boy’s private parts were successfully sewn back together, but the baby suffered three additional cuts during surgery.

The mother of the boy, Zulem Contreras, said that the boy should have been left in the care of professionals and not medical students. The couple filed an official complaint with the hospital, but officials insist that the baby is healthy and that the operation was minor. The hospital has launched an internal investigation.