PDP Slams FG Over ‘Organised Public Humiliation’ Of Mrs Jonathan


The PDP also slammed the government over comments by the Director of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Hussein, who was reported to have warned former first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan that if he sees her again at the Protocol Lounge of the Port Harcourt Airport, she would be dealt with.

Mrs Jonathan was on her way to the burial of her late Chief Security Officer (CSO), Tamuno Jacob Igbomie, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, who was allegedly shot dead by unknown assailants.

The former First Lady arrived the airport and went straight to the VIP lounge considering her status as a wife of a former President. But she was denied entry.

According to Mrs Jonathan, she has received the same treatment twice at the airport  in seven days.

In reaction, the PDP stated: “The recent organised public humiliation of the immediate past First lady and wife of the former President, Dame Patience Jonathan at the Port Harcourt Airport where she was refused access to the protocol lounge based on ‘order from Abuja’ is a particular case in point.

“We stress this case because when the immediate past President was in power, all former presidents and their slouches had unhindered access to the protocol lounge,” adding, “while we note that this development has been widely condemned by Nigerians, we ask if the former President erred in conceding defeat. Is the Federal Government by any means encouraging a sit-tight attitude by government officials?” the party queried.


  1. let’s give honour to whom honour is do, because d seat ur occupying is not permanent, remember respect is a reciprocal.

  2. Pride goeth before a fall. Mrs Mitchell Obama is an excellent example of how “first ladies should comport themselves while they are on the temporary political seat.

  3. she was a total disgrace to rivers nd nigeria as a whole. d blood of d innocent souls are crying every day so dia will never b peace to d murders.
    never in d his of nigeria have we had a such person as a first lady. justice justice we are crying

  4. she was a total disgrace to rivers and nigeria as a whole. d blood of d innocent souls are crying every day so dia will never b peace to d murders.
    never in d his of nigeria have we had a such person as a first lady. justice justice we are crying.

  5. that was the most stupid thing any one could do. power does not last forever, after four year another person will take over

  6. People should respect change. That Jonathan allowed anything and everything does not mean Buhari should toe the same line. Why did Dame drop all official attachment? She is out of power she has to face the reality. President Buhari came with the reality of change so if he is not buying new vehicles, thats his style. If ex this or ex that has to be restricted, so be it. Buhari sai change. God bless Nigeria.

  7. she is nothing even ashamed of herself landing at
    that motor park airport after 6 years of power no
    renovation i wish she was push out of the airport

    It was not correct as mischievously put out in the media and latched onto by the loquacious and directionless Olisa Metuh that the former First Lady was embarrassed at the Port Harcourt International Airport and prevented from entering the VIP Lounge. Those who know the Port Harcourt International Airport know that it is not difficult to access the VIP Lounge.
    What really happened was that the former First Lady drove into the VIP Lounge with her characteristic magisterial swagger and expected every airport officials to bow and tremble as usual. When that didn’t happen, she got her first shock. The second was yet to come.
    As if she was not aware of her new status in the society, she commanded her drivers to drive straight onto the Tarmac through the VIP Lounge gate into the airport facility. Now, that is a privilege exclusively reserved for the President in others in that class. Driving onto the Tarmac has huge security implications. That is why such privilege is exclusive.
    Patience Jonathan was politely told she could not do that. She started shouting orders asking her aides to defy the airport officials, causing a big scene. She cursed, threatened fire and brimstone, and yelled that she was going to call the Presidency direct. Well, maybe she was still having a hangover of her former status. But the officials insisted that the proper thing should be done.
    There was no time the officials told her that they were executing orders from above as wrongly put out in the media. They merely told her, respectfully and politely that she could not drive in her convoy onto the Tarmac.
    It is important to note that opponents of Buhari have used this story to support their spurious claims that the President is a vindictive character. There is no truth in that. The airport officials were only doing their primary duty.
    The unfortunate thing is that Olisa Metuh and all those who struggle to conjure stories of vindictiveness against the President have thrown decency to the dogs, otherwise, they would have found it difficult to defend and spin this shameful conduct of the former First Lady.
    Patience Jonathan has not been cured of her over-bloated sense of self-importance, but she must try to marry reality with her attitude. She must realize that she no longer enjoy the status she used to, post May 29th, 2015. Now, there are basic rules of civilized conduct she is expected to obey.
    One of such is that she can no longer drive to the Tarmac in any airport in Nigeria. The earlier she comes to terms with her new status as a citizen and not a demi-god, the better for her and her emotional Health.


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