Real Reason Why Buhari Has Not Appointed Ministers

Ahmed Joda
Ahmed Joda

The real reason why President Muhammadu Buhari has not yet named his cabinet emerged yesterday, according to Vanguard whose sources told that the president had been studying the report of the Transition Committee which he tasked with drawing up a blueprint for his administration.

The report of the Ahmed Joda-led committee was submitted to the President in the first week of June 2015.

If Buhari decides to use the report as submitted to him, he would work with 19 ministers and 17 ministers of state, bringing the total to 36, six lower than the previous administration’s 42.

Some ministries could also be merged as recommended in the report. The former Ministry of  Niger Delta Affairs is to be merged with Special Duties to form Special National Consideration to take care of Niger Delta and North-East, and will be manned by  a minister and two ministers of state.


Ministry of Women Affairs, which now takes on the new nomenclature of Gender, Family Affairs, Youths and Sports is to be headed by one minister while Ministries of Mines and Steel Development and that of Petroleum Resources are likely be merged and renamed Energy, Mines and Power to be headed by a minister and two ministers of state.

The ministries of Police Affairs and Interior have been merged and renamed Interior but will accommodate the Police, Immigrations, Prisons and Civil Defence. Industry, Trade and Investment Ministry has been renamed Investment, Trade and Industry while the Health Ministry will take on the new nomenclature of Health and Human Services and will be headed by one minister only.

Ministry of Agriculture has taken on Water Resources and will be headed by one minister. Aviation and Transport will become one ministry to be called Ministry of Transport, and will be headed by one minister and two ministers of state. Works, Housing and Environment will now replace the former three ministries and will be manned by a minister and two ministers of state.

Ministries of Justice, Education, Tourism, FCT, Defence, Finance and Foreign Affairs which used to enjoy at least a minister and ministers of state will now be managed by a minister each.


  1. A well educated and a patriotic president i am quite satisfied and confident in your body language, May ALLAH increase you in wisdom , protect you from enemies of progress and a hard working ministers to work along your set objectives .

  2. He cannot hope to achieve much until he elevates the budgetary allocation to ministry of technology to research,,develop ,manufacture,patent ,commercialize and diversify this disappearing economy,.Agriculture is good but nowhere has it grown the gdp exponentially.Technology and manufacturing will also help mass producd agric tractors,harvesters,cars,electronic gadgets,building materials for mega housing schemes.He may visit taiwan,china,singapore etc to learn real transformation agenda.He should go for achievement -documented technocratic ministers whether they are politicians or otherwise .If he thinks he has much to gain from the western world then he might brace up for disappointment as the west no real economic showcase in africa to be proud of…

  3. I said it time without numbers that mr president will surely perform beyond doughters. How I wish he got dis job far before now. It least in his 50s we would have been enjoying him by now but all the same, I thank God he is still fit.


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