Rita Dominic Lied About Her Age – Ex-Classmate Claims


You would recall that veteran Nollywood actress and producer, Rita Dominic celebrated her birthday days ago.

New reports now suggest that she might have lied about her age.

Rita celebrated 40th birthday on July 12, 2015.

A source close to the actress named Chika, revealed that Rita Dominic is lying and they both went to the same school together.

In Chika’s words, “But Rita you are 43 not 40. We all grew up at Aba and we were in d same class in Santa Maria Primary school, Aba. This should have been celebrated 3yrs ago not this year my dear Rita”

43 and 40, what’s the real difference?!?

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  • Chika or whtever u call urself, go and hug d transformer,is bcos she have risen above ur class….listen,with my experience in life i have found out that is people like you that we call haters and bad belle. Anyway it is allowed so i dont blame you. Even, at the so called 43, she still looks hotter than most people at that age. Am sure you are angry at the fact that she has no scandal to her name, pls my fellow Nigerians, who has not reduced or increased his or her age? so ashiri chike keep your news to yourself,Rita is a stunning young woman who men are running after so just hold your own.

  • wetin concerne Rita, concern u? U be just bad belle. Stay dia nd watch her soar high. Cos u aint gonna see her back! Mtcheeeew. French people will say , Occupe toi tes affaires. Which means Mind ur own biz.

  • Omasheo Rita Rita why u pple talking like this Rita I knw when u watch her on screen u will love her she is a role model what’s she teaching young girls looking up to her as a role model how to lie? Mind u every thing about her is no more secret she is not like me and you.

  • If u are 43 & both of u went to same school,grew up in same neighbourhood like u claim,does that mean she will be 43 too? Unless u both are from same parents or very close relatives e.g.cousins!!

  • So wats d big deal miss chika without fame if rita likes make she b 18 I luv her so much wit all my heart rita rocks at 40 go girl

  • U guys where in d same class doesn’t mean u r age mate , 4 example my little boy just clocked 6 dis july , one of his classmate is 8 already, does dt means they r age mate ? No just class mate . Chika stop being childish. Lol

  • Chika that you were in the same class with her doesn’t really make it certain you know her real age as you claim ; if you had said you gave birth to her , then we would accept your claim .so get yourself busy with other things profiting , for this one , is not an issue . It would not take anything off Rita’s success

  • This chika guy na mumu o. If only what u can achieve is to tell Us that rita is 43 because u are 43, then your 43 years is a wasted one. Abeg go away with ur dead bidy abeg, enemy of progress…olofofo

  • I see this as mere jealousy. And if Rita is 45 or 43 according to Chika and decides to declare 40 does that change your name from Chika to Chike or even Chicken??? Mind your business and let the celebrity be or you go and ask OBJ’s son the true age of Obasanjo and others. It is only a lazy person that can do this so get busy or better still get higher education, the Rita for all you know may not even remember you exist.

  • Hmmmm! Rita @ 40 is already unbelievable then @43? Incredible! She looks more like under 20 to me. Anyways, Rita love, whatever you are, you are smooth, I love the way you have taken care of yourself, I’m 43 and people hardly believe I am and I feel good that they always think I’m younger but looking at you babe, I need to work harder to look younger like you. What’s your own secret? Pls send a msg to me on peazeroo@gmail.com. Cheers baby and happy belated birthday!

  • Whether she is 43 or 40, Rita looks twenty-something, smashingly beautiful and superbly hot! Madam Chika post ya foto make we see.

  • My country ppl, wat chika might said abt rita may not be wat d writer will put. If I may be right, chika was talking 2 rita and not d writer, any way chika has gain his or her aim, by becoming famous. Chika pls wat is mr president real age. U guys might rank mate in maiduguri.

  • It’s quite unfortunate, some Nigerians with unscrupulous and inflammatory demeanour to jeopardized and impugn her conspicuous personality. I know credible and clergy guys who are optimistic to meet her would never listen to such inflammatory message. Such age as her classmate agitated and alleged is not a limiting factor for superb and substantial relationship. Rita’s pedigree and antecedent in movie, media and telecommunications is prodigy and phenomenal. Thus; she deserve nothing less but the best guy of same pedigree.
    I don’t need to give the lady’s statement.
    Ladies knows their styles not like guys who would not consider level.

  • All pupils in the same class do not necessarily have to be of the same age. In my primary school days, I was younger than most of my classmates. In my university years, I was older than most of my classmates. So Chika, what is your stress?

  • I tire o! Make una help me tell this Chika babe o. Because both of u went to thesame school and were in thesame class,u two must be thesame age? Agbaya,olodo! Better mind ur biz abeg!

  • @chika u r da great lie n enemy of progress, Rita is our idol n icon of our time ok…
    I kno u jast want som cheap local firm daz y u r cooking all diz bulshit.
    Who cares weather u r her classmates or her uncle, wat ever jast hold ur piece ok
    We ll continue 2 b her fan 4ever.
    God bless Rita!!!!

  • chika,chike whatever,when are you going to do ur own 40th birthday?no i don’t think u have d money and d face to show Nigerians that is why you know who is 49&43 hater .

  • Well, I don’t have much to say, going to the same school doesn’t mean dat ur same age mate. But she looks younger than d age.

  • EP enemy of progress chika or whatever your name is this your act of jealously will not lead you anywere you better sit down and think about were you miss and find a way to correct your mistake, i thought she wants to say she 30 hahahah

  • Chika, you really need to get busy. Don’t worry buhari will soon create some more jobs. So your mind will be occupied with something positive. What a way to get noticed!

  • chika ike or what so ever u like t call ur name . what a low mentality ; i thought u r grown up fuck u with dt ur big moutn , who ask u about her age . Rita is my rule model go t hell nobodys care if u even exist . amebo. owo inua iko. dt means u r 45 .

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