Sola Sobowale Blast Mothers…See What She Said!!!

We are now in the era where mothers compete with their daughters in wearing trousers and flaunting what they alone can describe. Today, parents take selfies with children without thinking of their self-worth!

Veteran actress, Sola Sobowale, is one of those worried with the level of indiscipline in our society currently. She blames parents, especially mothers, for the lack of family values in children.

Speaking on the alarming rate of immorality and indiscipline in children, the actress said:

“We don’t have family values anymore… Mothers don’t know their onions any more as their children are going astray. My parents did not bring me up alone. It was a combined effort from friends, families and neighbours. There is nothing like that anymore”.



Source: Olufamous


  1. Melady you are right the days are gone where children are reared by a strong family structure – of parents, aunties , granparents , uncles, cousins etc & its sad — a loss — and instead we have generation of adulterers and adulteresses…
    People nowadays only do what they want to do and not what is best for the unit unfortunately…. there are many tho who still discipline their kids and check their morality even though they are single parents etc

    • Also aunty mi you also played roles in your movies that were not savory or rightous – prostitutes , players ( having many lovers ) husband snatcher, casting spells etc. many of these mothers and their children have grown up watching you so i guess part of the blacme of the decay must come from you and the film making world of which i am also part of . But its nice that you are trying to make amends.xo I love you oooo


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