SSANU To FG: Sack JAMB Registrar Now

Prof_Dibu_OjerindeThe reallocation of candidates by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has been described by the Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities (SSANU) as “unacceptable”.
The University of Ibadan (UI) Chairman of SSANU, Wale Akinremi, in a statement Thursday, said: “We are not happy with the JAMB policy. It is unfair to parents and children. JAMB has tormented Nigerians financially and psychologically.
“Where was the Ministry of Education when Prof Ojerinde led JAMB to implement this unsuitable policy initially? Now the ministry has overruled it, which is not acceptable to us.
“We suggest that the Federal Government find someone to punish. If JAMB leadership cannot do the job given to them by the Federal Government, why can’t they resign?
“We are imploring the Federal Government to remove Prof Dibu Ojerinde as the JAMB Registrar. He has overstayed his relevance because he is not rendering quality leadership again.
“We believe he is acting out a script. Why is he relocating people to private universities? Taking people from one region to another. Not all parents are rich, everybody is struggling in this country.
“The children of those writing JAMB today are children of the masses. We are also advising the Federal Government to prove what led to the implementation of the policy initially.
“This is a sabotage to embarrass the Federal Government. If the government cannot sack Prof Ojerinde, at least he must be suspended and probed now.
“Was Prof Ojerinde not equipped with all materials and skills to handle the assignment given to him by the Federal Government?
“If he has any challenges during the performance of his duty, he should have told his employers. So many people have paid for their lives with the blunder he has committed, therefore he should be sacked”.


  1. The JAMB Registrar is acting out a script. He has been bribed by the private Universities and some of the state universities that are struggling to survive. How on earth can a professor do a stupid thing like this? Some private verities pay over N500,000 per session. When did he expect the students to get the money? He acted it without the knowledge of the Ministry of Education. How can this issue be corrected that the students will not waste this year with their? This fool should be sacked immediately and punished for this setback

  2. This is absolutly wickedness, how on earth will someone be that heartless. I think ssanu is right. He should be sacked. He does not deserve pity or mercy.

  3. He should be sacked not probed,not every subject syllabus has been covered,we need time to read more it wickedness why will he a leader want us to fail student to fail cus of his selfish intrest.imagine a man of 70yrs and above try to stumble our lives and they call us future of tommorrow, we student need a month to be added for d jamb


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