UNBELIEVABLE!!! PDP Actually Admitted Buhari Is Not Corrupt

Gen. Buhari

If you did doubt how true the story that PDP said Buhari isn’t corrupt is, well it’s very normal to be in doubt on this but INFORMATION NIGERIA is confirming it to you that they actually said it. Most Nigerians never thought this day would come, at least not this soon.

PDP had during the presidential election campaign launched tirades of attacks on Buhari calling him all sorts of name; corrupt liar inclusive. However, PDP made a U-turn on one of their major notes of attack on Buhari yesterday when the spokesperson of the party, Olisa Metuh said “Apart from Mr. President, who for now, is not associated with any sleaze or corrupt activity”.

This is an absolute turn around on what PDP claimed during the election. PDP would have never admitted to this if they had not lost in the presidential election.


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