Unpaid Salaries: Ben Murray-Bruce Regrets Bailout Was Channelled Through State Governments

Muhammadu Buhari

The recent bailout of states in the country by the federal government to enable them pay workers’ salaries does not go down well with Senator Ben Murray-Bruce. This is because he does not trust the governors enough that they would pay the workers who have gone up to seven months without salary.

“Something within me wishes the bailout went directly from FG’s account to unpaid workers account without going through state Govs’ account,” Murray-Bruce wrote on twitter.

President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier in the week approved the bailout which was designed specifically for workers. The president reviewed and approved the package in his bid to intervene and alleviate the sufferings of workers, some of whom have not been paid for close to 10 months.

Senator Murray-Bruce had a reason for not trusting governors. He explained this on the micro-blogging site, twitter. “The FG and state govts constantly quarrel about revenue allocation. I wish they would quarrel about revenue generation instead.

“Many are eager to talk about how Nigeria’s wealth should be shared few want to join the conversation on how the wealth should be created,” he wrote.


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