Update: Photos From Nuella Njubigbo’s Child Dedication

I already share reports of the dedication of Nollywood’s Nuella Njubigbo’s daughter with her movie producer husband, Tchidi Chikere.
Actors Olu Jacob and Joke Silva as well as singer J Martins were at the dedication.
See photos below: –
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  • Dedication ke?after 8months?A daughter that this husband snatcher gave birth to since last year November?or did admin give us wrong info about her delivery?or is that how long u people stay before dedicating babies in ur church?And to think that Olu jacobs and wife honoured their invitation knowing fully well that Tchidi Chikere is an irresponsible man for abandoning his wife Sofia with his 3sons…Posterity will judge u Ella Njubuigbo,what u did to ur fellow woman,another woman wil surely do it to u#Law of Karma#

  • Mercy is this one jealousy or u are just used to BARKING! The way u took it personal I almost thought u r sophie or one of tchidi’s kids….. And what’s your stress with when they choose to dedicate their child(I no sure if dem even dedicate u) …u even call tchidi irresponsible, r u? If you are irresponsible u won’t post blunders and trash bout pple u barely know. Every one deserve happiness in life and evry1’s got evry ryt to stay with the one he or she choose.

  • @Chubie or whatever godforsaken name ur called,u are very stupid and senseless.I can see u are one of those ireesponsible fellows that abadons their families for another person.I hate injustice and I must voice out my disapointment and I don’t encourage anytin that hurts my fellow woman especially where their marriage or relationships are concerned.And u asked if am dedicated,is that a priority to live right?cos if it is,Tђξ pastor should hav known Tchidi’s past marriage(but some pastor’s of nowadays are something else on their own all bc of their quest for monetary gains)U that was dedicated,u should be able to decipher gud from what is bad,ireespective of what u think,u should be reasonable still ok!.I don’t even knw ur gender but whoever u are,put urself in Sophia’s shoes,if ur a man,what if it happens to ur sister?what goes around comes around?

  • Hmmm. #abadon’s# now listen u blunder speaking motherfucker! U dnt even speak good english, seriously I don’t even know where 2 start 4rm, even if I want 2 insult u they are so many insults here dat I dnt even knw which 2 type…. Mercy m a girl and I am not irresponsible. For the fact that tchidi is a divorcee makes his marriage to Nuella valid and legal……if you have any probs wif them then bury it in that fucking black hole u call a heart! If you are educated you will know that a divorced man is not a husband anymore. Which means Nuella is legally married 2 her husband and nt sum1’s husband.

  • May God have mercy on u.Just pray ur supposed husband(that’s if u are married)doesn’t abandon or divorce u with ur 3kids leaving u to carter for them all by urself,then u wil know what it feels like to be a divorcee or a single mum

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