We Didn’t Ban Christians From Going To Church On Sundays, Says Kano Govt

Abdullahi GandujeThe Kano State Government on Saturday described as false, the report in some national dailies and online media that Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje has banned Christians resident in the state from going to church on Sundays.

Speaking with journalists on Saturday in Kano, the Commissioner for Information, Muhammad Garba, said the report was false and unfounded.

“Our attention has been drawn to the rumour making the round, particularly in the online media, regarding the restriction of movement of people, Christians or Muslims to attend places of worship in the name of a direct policy or under the guise of any other policy.

“I want to state here categorically that the story is a complete lie, false and lacks any iota of truth and substance”, he said.

Mr. Garba said that the state government was very much aware and mindful of the freedom of religion as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We in Kano State as a people and a government cherish and respect our religious differences and therefore will never introduce any policy that will be inimical to our peaceful co-existence and mutual respect”, he said.

The commissioner then called on journalists to always check facts and balance their stories and report with high sense of fairness and responsibility.

Garba noted that government extended the monthly sanitation exercise up to Sunday but only for staff of the Refuse Management Board, to enable them clear up the heap of refuse in the state.

He said, “The Sunday evacuation exercise was not meant to restrict the right of movement of any person or persons like any other day; but was for the staff of REMASAB to clear the heaps of refuse that must have piled up in their surroundings”.

He expressed the determination of the state government to implement people-oriented programmes.

He also stressed government’s determination to develop infrastructure in the state as part of the initiatives to improve the welfare of the people.


  1. Why will christins go to work on Sunday???dose muslems go work on Fridays infact let us divid this country is too much of this nonses muslems

  2. there’ll be no dividing of anything about Nigeria my friend. We’re all one and ever one forever in this country. We must respect one another’s religion freedom on planent earth and ever live in peace. I advise the govt of Kano not to extend the monthly sanitation to sunday for whatever reason, because some of the staff of
    REMASAB to clear the heaps of refuse might be christians too. You know the extention will be a continuous excercise, and that’ll be too much for those who need that sunday to worship. They wouldn’t believe you that’s not a trick, that something is not behind. We must be careful with what we do in a country that has different religion. God bless Kano and Nigeria in general!

  3. The governor will say deny wot he is doing. He is trying stop d christains from fellowshiping on sundays which he wil not try to muslims.. Anti Christ cum colonial master..


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