Why Radio Biafra Is Still Streaming On The Internet – NBC

radio biafraDays after the broadcast equipment of Radio Biafra was dismantled and the arrest of some of its operators by the combined forces of the National Broadcasting Commission and the Department of State Security, the illegal radio station is still streaming on the Internet.
This was confirmed by the Director of Public Affairs at NBC, Mr. Awwalu Salihu, on Tuesday.
Salihu said the agency was unable to dismantle the online broadcasting platform of Radio Biafra “because the protocol for doing so is very long”.
He said, “I can confirm to you that they are still broadcasting through the Internet. This is because the protocol for bringing down Internet broadcast is a long one. But the process for bringing it down has started”.
Giving details on the operation of the terrestrial version of the radio station, the NBC spokesman explained that while it lasted, its broadcast was received in major cities in the South-East, including Enugu, Owerri, Aba as well as Port Harcourt.
According to him, while the station appropriated a frequency that it was never authorized to use, it also jumped on the frequency of licensed stations every time they closed broadcast for the day.
Describing the station as a pirate radio, Salisu added that the broadcast was being treated as a breach of national security.
He, however, was silent on when the operators of the station arrested by the DSS would be charged to court.


    • Nigeria and her citizens have been deluded for decades. Why are they afraid of Radio Biafra, because radio Biafra is exposing all the lies, hypocrisies, frauds, Nepotism, tribalism, genocide, marginalization, economic deprivation and double standard the Nigerian entity has been has meted on Biafrans. This is the only radio station in the whole world where you can hear the truth. Truth is very painful that is why they are reacting. It is normal because we expected it. Very soon we shall launch our TV and other media outlets. No body on earth can stop Biafra from being restored. Biafra is not the Igbo affair as some ill-informed people think. Before the British came TO COLONISE and forced NORTH AND SOUTH TOGETHER, Biafra has been existing as Nation for more than 3000 years. In fact several archaeological discoveries made in Ogbunike at Anambra State lends credence to this when those artefacts were carbon dated. You can visit there to see for yourself. You can as well use any search engine (Google, etc) to search for the “Ancient Map of Africa”. There you will see the MAP OF BIAFRA. It covers the entire SOUTH SOUTH(EXCEPTION OF EDO STATE), SOUTH EAST, SOME PARTS OF BENUE, KOGI AND PARTS OF EDO STATE. There are many clans in BIAFRA LAND which include Igala, Idoma, Ibibio, Ijaw, Igbo, Isobo (Urhobo), Ikwere, Efik, Annang among others. You can even check 1885 map of BIAFRA in any search engine. You will find out that Biafra is older than Nigeria, USA and even BRITAIN. So we are agitating for the Restoration of our country, BIAFRA , the way we were before the British intercepted our way of life. Historically, before the British came, we were living peacefully even with our neighbours, we were developing our economy, technology among others. Few years ago, the Hausa and Yoruba came up with the word NIGER DELTA, SOUTH SOUTH, SOUTH EAST to cause division and separation among the Biafrans. But there schemes has been exposed by Radio Biafra and entire Biafrans are waking up realising who they are. Since 1935 till date, the Nigeria entity has meted several injustices to Biafrans and the whole world is aware of it. Our case is already with the United Nations and several countries of the world with all the documented evidences, facts and figures. Col Odumegwu Ojukwu attempted to restore Biafra. Today is not 1970. You will see what will happen. If the Nigeria government did not allow us to go peacefully, Nigeria will be destroyed.The time is UP.