You Have To See This!!! Why Is Obasanjo Staring At Akon Like This? | Photos


International singer and superstar, Akon recently attended the Africa Energy Leaders Group which held in Abidjan, Cote D’Iviore.

The meeting was attended by African leaders. Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and former president, Olusegun Obasanjo were at the event. Tony Elemulu was also present. He shared some of the photos on his Twitter handle.

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Elumelu thanked Akon for his support.


The Senegalese, who has initiated plans to light up Africa by supplying electricity to African countries, spoke about the #AkonLightingAfricaProject and his Solar Academy.

The R&B star took to twitter to express how excited he was, attending the meeting.


Akon is launching an academy through his “Akon Lighting Africa” initiative, which will use the power of the sun to hopefully provide 600 million African people with electricity.

The academy, which is opening in Mali’s capital of Bamako, will teach people how to install and take care of solar powered systems.

Source: talkofnaija


  1. The international singer and music superstar, Akon has done so much to bring such developmental project to Africa, known as; ‘ Akon Lighting Africa ‘, initiative. Providing such support in solar power to light-up Africa is indeed a welcome development. Solar electricity is one major commodity to develops and transforms underdeveloped countries into developing countries. Such initiatives would boost economic growth and support rapid networks of industralisation in Africa. The Africa Energy leaders Group have shown landmark collaborations in Africa in building and supporting better economic development with the superstar singer.
    I believed other development supporters would emulate the trend to infrastructures Africa to meet global standard like in the other developing continents. A big thank to Akon for choosing Africa, his ‘ root source ‘ as the investment zone.

  2. Baba may be wondering,that,so Akon want to deliver us from the claw of darkness,initiated by African leaders upon the people.Baba no say na bad market,he be for Mikano dem


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