4 CRUCIAL Marriage Tips All Newlyweds NEED To Know

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Keep the magic alive long after the “I do’s” are shared.

You’ve walked down the aisle and said your vows.

For better or for worse; for richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish; till death do us part.

After the honeymoon, you settle into what you think is a real marriage.

Then something happens. You suddenly see faults and defects that you didn’t even know existed.

While many claim that the first of marriage is the best time of their lives, statistics show that it’s the most challenging time for some relationships.

Sometimes the adjustment is too much within the first year, which often results in separation and divorce. This happens because real marriage and the idea of marriage are two different things. Real marriage means accepting each other fully, faults included, and working through it. The idea is simply thinking that marriage doesn’t take work.

It is, therefore, recommended that you use the below “First Year Survival Kit” as a guide in making sure that both you and your partner cherish each other until the great beyond takes its reign.

1. Go On Dates

You don’t want to feel complacent. The first year of marriage is all about getting to know your partner on a deeper level. Just because you’re now husband and wife, rather than boyfriend and girlfriend doesn’t mean you can’t date. Remember to take some time away from your busy lives and exclusively spend it with each other. Go out of town during the weekend. Make an overnight reservation at your favorite hotel and order breakfast in bed. Go to the park and have a picnic. Whatever you decide to do, focus on each other and nourish your marriage.

2. Discuss Your Finances

Coming from different backgrounds, your priorities and money spending habits are not the same. It’s important to sit down together and devise a plan or budget on how to manage your finances. Be open to each other’s needs or methods. Do not agree on something unless you both truly feel the same way.

3. Take The Bad With The Good

He leaves his dirty socks lying around. He snores like a bullhorn. He doesn’t do dishes. These things, and a lot more, are what you’ll only discover after you’ve said, “I do.” When his defects overwhelm you and begin to wonder, Is this the same guy I married?, remember that the answer is yes. And no matter what, you love him. You’re just seeing him in an entirely different element. You now have the whole package — snores and all.

4. Affirm Your Love

You decided to get married because you’ve found your love, your partner and your soulmate. Don’t forget that. Affirm your love. Verbalize your affection. Tell him he’s the hottest man on the planet. Hold hands while walking. Kiss even when the kids find it gross. Nothing in this world is more comforting than knowing that you love and are loved in return.


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