50 Cent’s Mansion Costs Him $70k A Month To Maintain

50 Cent went to court yesterday to file a new bankruptcy claim and in his filing, revealed that he spends $72,000 a month to live in his mansion in Connecticut which is on 17 acres of land, has its own private casino, basketball court, 52 rooms including nine kitchens, stripper poles, a helicopter pad and a private cinema.
The massive home – which is one of the biggest private residences in America, was once owned by former boxer Mike Tyson who also filed for bankruptcy while living in the mansion. 50 bought it in 2003 for $4.1million and spent another $6m renovating the house.


In his court filing, 50 Cent also claimed he spend $3,000 a month on clothes and $1,000 on grooming, but owes his barber, stylist and personal trainer money. He also said he pays $14,600 per month to help support his grandfather and two children.
All these is in efforts to avoid paying Lastonia Leviston $5million in damages which was awarded to her by a Manhattan court.
The new bankruptcy papers also revealed 50 Cent owns seven cars including three Chevy Suburbans and a Rolls Royce, according to a report by Associated Press.
Source: Linda Ikeji Blog


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