Alleged Plot To Murder Buhari; Nigerians React

Gen. Buhari

Earlier in the week, Hajiya Najatu Mohammed, a prominent APC member in Kano state and close political associate of President Muhammadu Buhari in an interview expressed her fear that Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign has led to some people hatching plans to murder him. Nigerians have since expressed what they think about this alleged plot to murder Buhari using INFORMATION NIGERIA’s platform. Below are some of the reactions;

One respondent, Akindolani Ezekiel Omotayo said ‘Corrupt APC leaders can murder Buhari if he refuses to cooperate with them. APC is a party that combine dogs, snakes, lions, pigs, goats, sheep, elephants and scorpion together in thesame room”.

Peter Idahosa in his comment condemned the plot if any and also supported Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade saying “the person who will say Buhari should not probe let me swear for him, the thunder that will fire that person ‘still dey do press up’, after saying that, this probe must be done, it must be done without any form of selectivity segregation, racism, or omission, it must be done from PETER TO PAUL FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION, to be credible, we can’t say we want to start and end the probe on GEJ because we have no evidence on others it will be a big lie , these evidences are right in front of our very eyes, some have billion dollars mansions, some have fleets of private jets, some have billion dollars company’s like refineries, some have Ota farm, some have shares and billion dollars shares in multinationals all over the world, some have even converted a whole state to their private property, example “Lagos state” so the argument or saying I will probe only GEJ because of lack of evidence or time is short, that argument is not selling and will not sell to the man on the street. So those people who thought they were very intelligent by conning out this I will probe only the last 6years of GEJ government thinking that this will help Buhari to make soft probing by avoiding strong men like IBB, OBJ, Atiku, or even Tinubu thereby avoiding big troubles for himself got it all wrong, there is no short cut and there will be no short cut to this probing, Buhari will step on toes and will be stepping on toes whether he probe the last two days , two months, two years or the last hundred years because they are all corrupt and are certified THIEFS, once the Pandora’s box is open it will either drag everybody along or it will be the starting block of confusion which may lead to chaos, those who have not sin should throw the first stone. HAIL THIS PROBE”.

Adedapo Musa Campo in his comment asked Nigerians to pray for Buhari, he said “Do you know what Buhari need most from us? Our prayers. May the almighty Allah help him govern this country and protect him from all evils. Amen.

Bosah Kingsley rallied Nigerians to support Buhari’s administration in all ramification. He said “it is time for the youth of this country to come together and support this brave old man, President Muhammdu Buhari whether you are PDP, APC, APGA etc. I voted for Jonathan, but for Christ sake, the election has come and gone and this is a new era, believe me if you can, this man with our support will be the best president we have ever had till date because he has the best intension for this great country Nigeria”.

Ganiyu Abdullahi in response to the issue opted to pray for the president. He prayed that “Who ever is planning to kill our president will die before him in Jesus name because God has ordained him to rule Nigeria so no weapons formed or fashion against him shall prosper. The evil ones who want Nigeria to remain the same will be consumed by the Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name. We are tired of being beggars in a country that is blessed by The Almighty God but some few elements who have no fear of God are making life difficult for majority. To hell with them. Please Nigerians, if you miss this opportunity to free yourself from slavery that is it. Don’t blame God because He will not come down from heaven to deliver us but will send some one among us to do the work and the man sent is Buhari. Remember what Obasanjo said that whoever want to fight corruption in Nigeria must be ready to die but I decree President Buhari shall not die but live because he is doing the will of God, that is to fight the evil ones in our society. He cannot do it alone but need the support of all Nigerians both at home and abroad. May The Lord safe and deliver Nigerians from the hands of the evil people who are after the destruction of Nigerians because the bible made me to understand that the evil ones come to steal, destroy and to kill. These are the plan of those corrupt Nigerian officials. Please do not support them but hate them with passion and expose them”.


  • @ first hate my elect president with passion bcox is a muslim and my believe is that muslims are terrorist boko haram and isis militant who are shedding innocent blood but my thought has change by the great decision this great man made(muhammdu buhari) I love you more than hundred times I hate you before you are the real change nigeria ever waiting for, go on my president anyone who wish your downfall’ I pray that people will gather in his household to mourn in jesus name amen’ I love my president I love nigeria

  • Mr Buhari and his Vice with clean hearted once are covered with blood of jESUS , Fire Angels are ready for battle before they plan their evil attack obituary will be announce

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