Association Of Prostitutes Asks For Police Protection Following Member’s Death In Ogun

A prostitute was found dead at a refuse dump in Olomore, Abeokuta area of Ogun state on Sunday, August 2, 2015.

The dead body looked like the dark-skinned lady was tortured before she died as one of her arms had a deep cut. Her body was however removed later in the day as no one could identify who she was.

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Just yesterday, 4th of August, about 50 members of the Nigeria Association of Prostitutes trooped out to the Ogun state branch of the Nigerian Union of Journalists’ Press centre, Abeokuta.

They alleged that the murdered lady was one of their members who might have been killed by a ritualist male customer. They continued by saying the body was dumped after the male customer had removed the body parts he needed.

They demanded that the police help find their colleague’s killer, asking for protection for their other members. They also revealed that one of their members has been missing for a while now.

Few months ago, the Special Task Force on City Cleaning and Management in the Federal Capital Territory arrested no fewer than three thousand commercial sex workers in Abuja. In April, a non-governmental organization, Civil Society for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, assisted by World Bank and the State Action Committee on HIV/Aids, launched an unusual project. They planned to empower 154 sex workers in Gombe state to discourage them from prostitution.

Source: Naij

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