Buhari Must Extend Probe To OBJ, Atiku, Saraki – Labour Party


The Labour Party (LP) yesterday charged President Muhammadu Buhari to be holistic in his current probe of past administrations by beaming his searchlight on former President Olusegun Obasanjo, his vice, Atiku Abubakar, Senate President Bukola Saraki and other former state governors that are now in the Senate.

The LP Chairman, Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam made the call yesterday in Abuja while reacting to President Buhari’s declaration that the trial of looters of the nation’s treasury would begin “in a matter of weeks”.

“I want to state that it (probe) is a welcome idea and development in our fight against corruption, but the fundamental question is; what are the pragmatic mechanisms put in place by the Buhari administration and the APC to fight corruption. What is the blueprint?

“If former Governor James Ibori is still languishing in jail in Great Britain, then governors who served and are known to have looted this country, in whatever political party, should not be spared”, Abdulsalam said.


  1. All the hypocrites and cowards in Nigeria are speaking out including Abdulkadir Abdulsalam. When the last regime was there you never said or shouted probe. Now you are all shouting probe all the government. You cannot teach the incoming government how to govern and am sure you do not know the full agenda of their plans either. Those who never spoke out in previous regimes cannot be taken seriously not.

  2. The call by the LP chairman for the investigation of the past leaders apart from Jonathan is laughable, he should note that the rate of Jonathans corruption level is so high that nothing will be left untouched during his regime. Jonathan administration is the worst in the history of Nigeria in terms of corruption as they have destroyed Nigerian economy. Others are Saints compare to Jonathan.


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