Buhari’s Son Didn’t Receive Estacode For US Trip – Presidency


Following criticisms about the inclusion of President Muhammadu Buhari’s son Yusuf in his entourage to the United States in the president’s recent visit, as well as reports that the visit was wasteful, the presidency has released a statement dismissing the allegations.

According to a statement by presidential spokesperson Garba Shehu, Buhari’s son didn’t receive estacode. Governors who went with the president on the trip also paid their way.

“In point of fact, the total amount expended on the trip by the office of the President amounted to nothing near 10 per cent of the speculated figure (N2.2 billion).

“Owing to the free accommodation provided by the host government, all the personal staff who accompanied the President on the trip received reduced allowances.

“His son, Yusuf, received neither allowances nor estacode. The five governors on the trip each paid their way. Permanent Secretaries who travelled on the delegation did so in accordance with extant rules and none of them exceeded their estacode entitlements,” shehu said.

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