Ciara Blasts Future For Attacking Russell Wilson’s Relationship With Their Son


American rapper, Future, has blasted his former finace, singer and dancer, Ciara for bringing their son Future Jr. around her new boyfriend Russell Wilson.

The 29-year-old singer was criticized by Future, 31, for taking their 1 year old son to her boyfriend’s Seattle Seahawks practice game on August 1.
In her interview with ‘CBS’ This Morning’ on August 19, Ciara told host, Gayle King that:

”It’s been very interesting to hear what a lot of guys have had to say. I feel like in a sense it’s a bit of a double standard because at one point in time when we were together, I took care of his kids as well.”

Future has four children with four different women, including Future Jr, and he seemed to be OK with Ciara spending time with them…just like Russell is doing with his own son.

”Wouldn’t you want someone to love on the child, and more than anything, it is a child we’re talking about. That’s the thing people have to think about—remove the adult from the situation. This is my child here and that’s serious,” Ciara continued.

From the photos that surfaced online late last month, Russell is absolutely adorable with Future Jr, which was apparent the same day he signed an $87.6 million dollar with the Seahawks.

Future’s outburst happened after the cute photos were shared on social media.

The rapper took to Twitter and wrote, ”Never make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance #umtoobossedup.”