Diamond Platnumz – “Paternity Drama Is A Publicity Stunt”


New reports say that Diamond Platnumz‘s baby mama, Zari Hassan ex husband brother, King Lawrence dragged the singer and Zari to court claiming his brother Ivan is the father of Tiffah their new baby girl.

Diamond has revealed in a new interview that it is just a publicity stunt.

In his words “We should all know people use the media for different purposes. Some use the platform to get publicity, just like the one we have seen of late. It is not a bad thing to seek publicity, but you know it should be done in such a truthful manner; not like the one we are seeing and reading about a guy being so creative that he convinces people to believe his false claims”

The singer said he didn’t receive any legal letters from Lawrence. “I have not received any formal order from the courts asking me to conduct paternity tests on my daughter.”

Diamond said his baby mama was not married before. “Zari has never wedded before; those are just rumours doing rounds. I had asked her about the same claims, and she revealed she has never been married to anybody”