Group Laments Insecurity In Oshodi, Lagos State

A group of residents and business owners in Oshodi and its environs has urged security agencies to do more in providing  security, especially by curtailing hoodlums who have turned that high density area of Lagos to a theatre of violence.


The group, Oshodi Peace Movement (OPM), which consists of traders and residents helping security agencies in promoting peace and orderliness in the area, urged the Commissioner of Police and authorities of other relevant agencies to keep vigil as crimes perpetrated in Eyin-Irin area of Oshodi, which falls under the Onigbongbo Local Government Area, has recently been in the increase.

“We are calling the attention of the security agencies to the various crimes by a group that call itself Ko si Oga (No leader) and has continued to wreak havoc in our neighbourhood.

“We have identified some of them, although we understand that the security agencies have also been on the trail of their cohorts,” the group spokesman, Mr. Waheed Olaosebikan, said in a statement made available to newsmen.

Continuing, the statement said: “Although some of the hoodlums have been arrested, the Oshodi Peace Movement established five years ago, said the crimes have not abated because the leaders of the group are yet to be arrested.

“Various security agencies have been raiding this area but much has not been done to arrest the main culprits whom we have identified by their names and aliases which include: (Spider, One Naira, Gbenga Fowosere, Eba, Kango, Inspector, Baba Oba and Emi Esu). Until these people are arrested, we cannot have rest of mind here in our neighbourhood.”

Source: Thenationalonlineng

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