“I Have No Regrets Marrying An Old Woman, Because Young Girls Are Financial Liabilities”, Says Man Who Married 68 Year Old Swedish Woman

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28-year-old Guvnor Ace (born Ronald Samawere) who had earlier been accused of ‘dating an ancestor’ got married to 68-year-old Lisa Johnson on August 20 in a civil ceremony held at the Uganda Registration Service Bureau in Kampala before friends and family members. Speaking to Uganda’s WBS TV on why he married his wife, the Ugandan dance-hall artiste said that young girls are a financial liability and some are not genuine.

“I have no regrets, because these young girls will ask for airtime and on sending it, they will not even call you, all they do is to beep. All they do is beg!” he said

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On how he met his wife, Lisa Johnson he revealed,

“I shared my Gutujja video in 2014 on my wall and this was Lisa’s comment, ‘I like the way he sings though I don’t know what he’s singing about.’ It was then that I sent her a Facebook request.”

Debunking claims that he married his wife because of money, he said,

“We’ve been chatting for close to eleven months, so I don’t get it when people say that I’m in it for money. They call her a pensioner but as far as I’m concerned, she is still working and earning.”

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On what he love about his new wife, he said

“Last December, she opted to come to Uganda to celebrate Christmas with me and since then, we’ve been inseparable. Lisa likes me the way I am and she likes my music too, otherwise someone else would want you to remove your dreads and give up on music just to be with them.”

Source: Citizen TV Kenya Photo Credit: Guvnor Ace/Facebook


  • This young guy who supposed to be thinking of raising his family is getting married to a 68 year old woman. What can that women do for him rather than shower him with money. His generation is going to end up with him, which is a sin. On the other hand, he knows that the woman at 68, Biblically, only has only 2years to live. All that he is thinking is to acquire the woman’s wealth after death and then marry a young girl that will bear him children. The young boy is just deceiving himself and probably the woman.

  • U re a just a shameless pest, c what men can do because of money, how can u marry a woman that is old enough to be ur grandmother. How do he feel when is making love with the woman, disgusting.

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