If Nigerians Know What Jonathan And His Cohorts Did, They Will Stone Them To Death – Oshiomhole

jonathan vex Goodluck

Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole says President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration plundered the nation’s economy despite the defence being put forward by the former Minister of Finance, and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

“If Nigerians know what these people did, they will stone them to death, jungle justice. 700 million dollars gone on second Niger bridge without any bridge to show,” the governor, who chairs a special committee set up by the National Economic Council (NEC), told Vanguard in an interview.

Commenting on the $75 million dollar World Bank loan to Edo State, which the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) opposed to, Oshiomole noted “that the PDP does not believe in development and for them anything that will bring prosperity to the people negates what they stand for. Which is politics for the benefit of PDP leaders. And of course they are embarrassed by the amount of goodwill that we have continued to enjoy from the people of the state; it is not easy to be in government for six and half years and you can still walk the streets – on and off. You find people trooping out to hail you and, see, they have been praying, with the declining oil prices such that many states can’t pay salaries.

“Their first shocker is that Edo State was never in the club.Then they started praying that okay if we can’t default in salaries we will default in our contractual obligations, that once people see that no job is going on, they will now cook up stories to confuse the people.

“So the PDP people are worried that with more resources available to us to sustain the projects we have started and even start new ones, there is no hope for them in the state. But you know there is nothing I have ever done that the PDP did not oppose. While PDP states in the South South were taking bonds of N100billion, N200billion, we applied for N25billion and they went to court to try to stop it, but of course they failed. If you look at the document by the DMO – you have listened to the narrative by the PDP governors which give a window about the debt profile of the states in the South South – you will find that even Bayelsa with eight local Governments is far more heavily indebted than Edo state, we are the least. From a bond of N25billion we have been servicing it because we pay N530 million every month and we have paid over N21billion leaving us with less than N5billion left. If you compare this with what is happening in other states across the country, Edo State is the least borrowing. Remember that our neighbours are super rich states but they have borrowed more than us.

“But even more outstanding for me, is that I am proud to say any day anywhere that our books are available. We have never borrowed a dime to pay salaries because I feel that will be the height of irresponsibility. To borrow to pay salaries because if you borrow to pay salaries what will you use to do projects. We have met our personnel cost strictly within our revenues while others could not.
So PDP’s worry is basically, ‘oh this guy is going to finish stronger even more than he started. So everything must be done to stop him,” Oshiomole said.


  1. Probe dem and stop promoting hate. All nigeria state, local n federal executives should be probe, including u adams and oil should be left 4 d owners plz. Oil is d problem in nigeria

  2. So let him that is without sin cast the first stone. As you bend d look somebody nyash …na so somebody d look ya own Mr.


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