Injustice, Lack Of Leadership To Blame For Rising Crimes – Maitama Sule

YusufMaitamaSuleNigeria’s former permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) and chairman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Alhaji Maitama Sule, has blamed the rising level of crimes in the country on injustice and lack of qualitative leadership.
Sule, who spoke in Abuja yesterday as a guest during the 70th birthday celebration of former Transport Minister, Chief Ojo Maduekwe, told the dignitaries that in order for the country to move forward, there was need to ensure that only worthy leaders were elected to hold public offices.
The elder statesman also hinted that it was time for the country to produce true leaders and not looters or rulers.
Sule said: “The leaders we had in the past made Nigerians great. Nigerians were proud and respected in the world. These founding fathers were historic. They always thought of Nigeria first. They were not greedy. If we have leaders who are good, godly and focused, everything will be alright. We want leaders and not rulers. We need leaders and not looters. We want leaders who will rule with the hand of honesty. We need leaders who will not steal and are not corrupt.
“I refuse to accept the claim that religion and tribalism are the main problems of Nigeria. All the religions teach the same values. Christians are thought to love one another. Same thing goes for Muslims. All the religions of God teach peace. Nigerian Muslims are more religious than other Muslims in other parts of the world. But do we practice what Islam says? No religion teaches that you should kill others who do not share your faith.
“You go into politics to serve the people. The most important thing is justice for all. Again, both religions encourage us to be just to all. Injustice is behind every crisis. Once there is justice and fair play, we will not have crisis.
“We have fallen by the way side. What is happening in Nigeria is not in our character. The government institutions have broken down. Respect for elders is not there. There is lawlessness and chaos in the polity. There is corruption in the country. What is responsible for all these is lack of leadership. Nigeria is a potential great country. We have been destined by God to lead Africa.
“I have a dream that Nigeria will one day be united. I have a dream that Nigeria will be our brother’s keeper. I have a dream that Nigeria will be respected among comity of nations. In order to realize this dream, we must have good leaders. May God grant that we may have good leaders”.


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