ISIL ‘Executed Dozens Of Fighters Trying To Flee’


The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group has reportedly executed at least 91 people across Syria within a period of one month, including 39 people from its own ranks. Aljazeera reports:

The executions were carried out over accusations of sorcery, sodomy, adultery, banditry, joining and cooperating with rival rebel groups, cooperating with US-led coalition fighting ISIL, cooperating with President Bashar al-Assad’s regime forces, and insulting God, the UK-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported.

The Observatory said on Saturday that the executions – mostly beheadings – took place between July 29 and August 29.  At least 32 civilians, including two women, were among the executed, the Observatory said. There were also 11 fighters from different rebel groups and nine members of Assad’s troops among them, it said.

Since the declaration of its so-called “Islamic Caliphate” in June last year, ISIL has executed 182 of its own memberswho had been captured trying to flee the group and return home, the Observatory said.

The Observatory said that over the past year, ISIL executed 1,841 civilians, including 76 children and 95 women, by shooting, beheading, stoning, throwing off from high buildings and burning to death.

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