IT Manager at RS Hunter

Established in 2008 with a clear vision “to be the preferred HR Business Partner”, our team has expertise in relevant areas which drives our approach to offer our clients value in developing their human resources and change management initiatives.

At RS Hunter, we believe our clients have the resources, what we do is to galvanize, advice, and partner with our clients to understand the peculiarities of their businesses and then offer the best HR solutions and strategies that work. Our objective is to focus on creating an overall people driven value through training, expert HR advisory services and value enhancement to our clients in small business medium sector range while providing support to larger organizations in the areas of recruitment and executive selection


Job Title: IT Manager

Job Description

  • Control of the IT budget
  • The ongoing development of long-term IT strategies for the Organization
  • The formulation of specific IT projects, and fundraising for those beyond the scope of the IT budget
  • Technical and operational advice to other members of staff developing IT dependent projects and systems
  • Identification and prioritization of IT needs in each financial year
  • Specification, ordering and installation of equipment and software.
  • Software support (within reason)
  • Maintenance and repairs to systems at all levels
  • Maintenance of network infrastructure and architecture
  • Maintenance of network software systems
  • Control over software licensing
  • Data and network security
  • Control over and maintenance of user accounts
  • The development of custom software solutions, where possible and/or reasonable within time constraints
  • Support of Organization IT facilities for seminars and conferences
  • Maintenance of 24-hour email and internet access
  • Design and maintenance of the company web site, consisting of:
  • In co-ordination with other members of staff, continuously monitoring the development of the site and pushing its integration into all company activities
  • Designing the site
  • Producing all HTML on the site
  • Maintaining the quality and relevance of information, including updating the site as required, in consultation with the Director



  • University degree or its equivalent


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