Kim And Khloe Shocked At Kylie’s 2 Months Old Pregnancy Report


Since reports hit the net that Kylie Jenner was 2 months pregnant for boyfriend, Tyga, her big sisters, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are reportedly as shocked as her 30+ million fans.

One thing is certain, Kylie’s big sisters aren’t behind Kylie having a baby with her 25-year-old boyfriend.

They have tried to get her to see what they think is a big mistake and are apparently upset of her becoming a mother at 18.

Kourtney and Khloe, along with sister Kim Kardashian, believe that Kylie is moving way too fast in her relationship with Tyga, and news of her alleged pregnancy, as reported by Life&Style, only cemented that belief.

“Khloe and Kourtney actually tried to talk to Kylie about [the baby], but she doesn’t want to hear it,” an insider told Life&Style. “It’s like she’s separating herself from her sisters right now. She doesn’t want anyone’s advice.”

HollywoodLife reports that Kylie’s going to do what Kylie wants to do.

Now that she’s an adult, she’s been completely entwined in her life with her boyfriend, and is even testing out a trial marriage with him.