Majek Fashek Advice Youths To Stay Off Drugs


Veteran Nigerian reggae star, Majek Fashek held a press conference in Abuja yesterday (August 10) where he spoke about the evils of using drugs.

In the press conference Majek Fashek was with his treatment specialists and Charly Boy.

Majek Fashek confirmed that he was in rehab for treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Monica Omorodion Swaida, his former backup singer who was raising funds for rehab was at the press conference also.

 Most importantly, the ‘Send Down The Rain‘ singer advised youths to stay away from drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

People should stop the use of alcohol and drugs because being drunk will end up destroying your career and your plans for the future. Coming to the rehab is not a bad idea because I realised that I am addicted to alcohol and it was beginning to affect my output and what I enjoy doing and decided to seek for help. I am not the first singer or person that will go to the rehab; most renowned celebrities we know today go to rehabilitation centres to cool their memory” Majek Fashek told the press.

I publicly admitted to addiction to alcohol because so many things are being said about me on the social media and nobody forced me to the rehab. Propaganda of scandal was being monotonous to my generation. I want to run from the stress of Babylon of Africa and I need to be credited for the works I have done” he said.

Dr Vincent Udenze, Majek Fashek’s doctor also spoke. “Rehabilitation is a long term journey, even if he leaves the centre and goes home, he is still on that journey and that is how we conceptualise rehabilitation.

During the interview Majek Fashek also denied that he was deported from America.


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